Online dating bullshit

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This isnt speculation,those wanna-be high-maintenance girls let me know straight up they wanted to get laid!

Totally contrary to their Mother Teresa saint-like profiles!!

Made a decent PUA-type profile filled with cheeky-negs, C&F lines, ballsy shit, etc.

They knew what the hell I wanted eventhough I never said, “I wanna fuck you”.

That would’ve only activated her bitch shield or ASD.

Now, for experimental purposes, I had 1 goal in mind; target and contact the women who explicitly say in their profiles that they’re not looking to hook up, bla bla bla…Whether they’re skinny, chubby, hot, ugly, white, blue…it doesnt matter.

Within a month, I’d contacted about 50 of those women with such profiles. The rest were either not interested or some didn’t log on POF in weeks to months.

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