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“Happy hour with my co-workers” just isn’t going to cut it.How about this instead: You Should Message Me If In this section, you can also challenge her a little bit by mentioning the qualities you’re looking for – and set the bar high.Scientists recently identified the traits the most attractive Tinder photos all have in common, and what works for Tinder will work just as well on Ok Cupid.Here is the formula for achieving maximum attractiveness in a dating photo: Even if your face could get you hired as Brad Pitt’s stunt double, if it doesn’t display correctly you don’t have much of a chance.In the example below, notice how each entry in the list does double duty.Most women think having a strong family connection is important, so putting “family” on your list is a good idea. If you want to get a little more creative, you write something that tantalizes her senses.Here are two examples: You can also take the more down-to-earth route, and give a more serious answer that subtly illustrates what a great catch you are: On A Typical Friday Night I Am In this section, you want to pull her into a compelling story.The key to success is mentioning activities she can imagine herself enjoying with you.

She can imagine what it might be like to do those things with you, because you’re rather than telling. So if you’re adventurous, describe the time you tried kitesurfing or went rock climbing.Ok Cupid profiles are broken down into 8 sections, the first one being “My Self-Summary.”If you’re going to nail any section, it needs to be this one – especially the very first line.That’s what she’ll see when she first checks out your profile, and if it doesn’t immediately intrigue her, you’re doomed.Try something like this instead: I’m Really Good At This is your chance to highlight a few of your most attractive “alpha male” traits, but without sounding like you’re bragging.For instance, here is a subtle way to show her what a handy guy you are to have around the house: Six Things I Could Never Do Without You can tackle this section in one of two ways.

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