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For example, in ancient India, it is written that a large spider wove the web that is our universe.She sits at the centre of the web, controlling things via the strings.Rock art and bark paintings in Australia reveal that the indigenous cultures created spider symbols.

Spiders, contrary to their sometimes fearsome or creepy physical appearances, are not always portrayed as dangerous creatures or destructive emblems.In a contest to determine who was the better artist – the mortal or the goddess - Arachne wove a tapestry depicting the gods in a bad light, detailing their debauchery and foolishness.The goddess Athena was furious and, in a rage, destroyed Arachne’s work.Spiders and webs have been featured in traditions around the world, and have meant many things to many cultures.In many cultures spiders stand as the creators of our universe and world, and also serve as agents of destruction.

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