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No method that I have tried so far appears to make that style option "stick" for newly created documents.

Methods I've tried so far: The above changes will make the current document perform the way that I want.

The Normal template is always open (it stores the keyboard shortcuts and some other settings), so closing it requires closing the whole program.

What you're actually saving to the template is the settings in that Options dialog (choosing what styles are visible in the pop-out style box, what order they're shown in, etc.).

” My speculations and further comments on the matter cannot be written in a public venue. This is the “blank” document on which all new MS Word documents are based.This should work if you change the space before and space after I mentioned.Changing the "defaults" (which are stored outside of styles, buried deep within several layers of dialogs) will also change the Normal style (although the reverse is not true).By Dan Gookin Word 2016 documents, including blank documents that use the Normal template, are associated with a template.If you choose the wrong template or suddenly desire to change or reassign a document’s template, follow these steps: Note that attaching a template doesn’t merge any text or graphics stored in that template.

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