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This was due to the public's lack of general interest, having adjusted to the 'odd' changes brought about by the chemical, as no one had truly been harmed, and what did happen wasn't entirely bad. Well, put quite simply, the entire populace of males in humankind transformed.

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Suicide rates increased exponentially during those initial few years.There's no doubt in my mind that Futanari will begin to outmatch the number of women, until the entire human race is hermaphrodite.Thanks for putting up with me." The assembly politely clapped.This is due to the majority of Futanari being so open about their desires, and the eventual acceptance of it. Due to this, several scientists and surgeons are working in conjunction to create a procedure to allow women to become Futanari themselves, though progress on this has been slow for the most part.Even so, it seems certain that this procedure will be available to the public in the future.

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