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Some travelers have reported locals getting offended when being photographed.

Most locals in Mongolia still practise Buddhism despite the previous communist government repressing or killing many of those who practised the religion and closing monasteries across the county. If you plan to visit any temples, monasteries or places of religious significance, here are some social etiquette tips to avoid offending the locals: Obviously, Mongolia has different rules than most Western countries, and some of those may see different to what you know.

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Mongolia is not overly religious, conservative or liberal but the local people take pride in their customs and habits.

Be aware, respectful and do your best to go with the flow in order to have the best possible time in this beautiful country.

Make sure to stock up on sufficient togrogs before leaving the capital as you are very unlikely to find an ATM out on the Steppe!

You don't want to be ripped off but you don't want to low ball the stall vendor either.

Expatriates have given this name to the way that people in Mongolia deal with public commerce. Queuing generally doesn't happen and people will jostle to buy things, board a bus etc.

The locals will generally be forgiving if you mess up any of the etiquette rules, as long as you respecfully give it a try and embrace what the country has to offer.

The impact of Mongol conquests across Eurasia is still controversial: did they destroy everything in their path or rather create a “Mongol peace” under which the Silk Road exchanges flourished?

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