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Though it is not illegal, Mongolians are somewhat uncomfortable discussing homosexuality or seeing same-sex relationships.

It's best if you save your affections for the privacy of your hotel or when you get home.

The emphasis here is on archeology, often ignored or slighted by historians of the Mongols, and on evidence from Central Asia and Eastern Europe, primarily as reported in Russian-language scholarship.

The impact of the Mongols varied depending on the location and the priorities of the new conquerors.

He meets Börte, who says she would like to be chosen, which he does.

He promises to return after five years to marry her.

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This would be incorrect because, this language as the standard Chinese language originates with the Qing Dynasty hundreds of years later, the regions depicted in the movie appear to be central and western China where they would speak a different dialect and several characters speaking Chinese don't appear to be Chinese and all and would most likely be speaking a Turkic dialect.See more » Final Battle, Victory Composed By Tuomas Kantelinen Performed by Hamburg Film Orchestra, The London Session Orchestra, One Orchestra, Altan Urag © 2008 X-Filme Creative Pool Gmb H.(p) 2008 Kinofabrika Gmb H & Tuomas Kantelinen Ensemble.The locals will generally be forgiving if you mess up any of the etiquette rules, as long as you respecfully give it a try and embrace what the country has to offer.The impact of Mongol conquests across Eurasia is still controversial: did they destroy everything in their path or rather create a “Mongol peace” under which the Silk Road exchanges flourished?

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