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After our kids went to bed, the buzzer went off and it was GAME ON!We turned on the “Space Jam” soundtrack for some pump up jams (any 90s kids out there?! Here’s a quick refresher on the rules of HORSE: If either of us were to get a letter of HORSE, we would place one of the letter tiles on our side of the dresser.Turn some fun, sporty ball shooting into a strip bedroom game where you and your spouse are BOTH winners. This sexy game for couples is especially a hit with the hubbies out there. By the end of the night, you’ll both be saying, “Let’s ‘Just Do It! ) The printouts for this sexy game for couples were brought to life by the stellar Courtney of Paperelli designs. I laid them out on the bed with some sporty gear for both of us to suit up in (at least 5 pieces of clothing each), although I knew we wouldn’t be wearing it long!I picked some tight spandex shorts, and a sporty top for me, and made sure to set out his favorite team shirt (Go CHARLOTTE HORNETS! Print out the letters of HORSE and set up your basketball hoop in a cleared space of your room!Yeah, I get that you’ve lost your mojo and your ego is shot because you’re feeling rejected, but if you keep seeking validation from someone that isn’t even able to give any to himself, you’re going to end up always looking to other people and possessions to dictate your worth. You’ll then need others to validate your observations and decisions because you’ll be in a state of fear-based paralysis (inaction/stagnation) in your life and wonder why nothing ever works out for you.If he REALLY misses you in the kind of way that you deserve to be missed, you will know and not have any doubt about it. He won’t send a text, email or passively “like” one of your photos so you can spend the next week analyzing the why’s. It won’t matter if you’ve cut him off or if you’ve blocked him on everything. I went through the same thing but it was with his 30 yo niece and his 50 something year old sister. But he ended up paying all the rent, got food, took his nieces son to doctor and took her to doctor and to work and to wherever else she needed to go.And that would require something called maturity, emotional availability and being able to objectively examine their actions for what they are (so that evolution and actual growth can take place). This is the extent to which they can “miss” and “regret” and frankly, you, your future, your destiny, and your precious and short time on this planet deserve more than a passive and disconnected “missing.”Accepting any of those bullet points above as the kind of “missing” you deserve is like saying you want to get a tattoo just so you can experience what it feels like.

You’ve gone through a horrible, traumatic breakup with an emotionally unavailable guy that broke your heart and whether you’ve done enough things to cause drama/embarrassment or it just hurts too much to be “friends” with your ex or you’ve both agreed to go your own separate ways or whatever the case may be – you’ve stopped communicating and are in no contact. You don’t want to hear from him, but then again, you do. It’s like a drug and you’re going through the most excruciating withdrawals. You never thought he could just cut you off so easily and you see him living his happy life on Instagram in the Valencia filter with some random chick that looks like everything you aren’t and whose profile is private.I found that on top of our dresser was the perfect height.You can use a mini kid’s basketball hoop, and if you don’t have a mini basketball hoop, its an easy find on Amazon!”Every time you hear a text message alert or you hear your phone ring, your heart races and you think just for a millisecond… ” All to be abruptly let down because the “restricted caller,” was actually your bank calling you to alert you that your checking account is overdrawn. FT, even when I was pretty much over the pain and had accepted the fact that I’d never talk to him again, I have to admit, I still always wondered: while I’m miserable over here missing and cyberstalking him non stop? ”“Does he miss me enough to want to change his ways?Does he regret what he did and all of the bs he put me through? ”: You’re doing nothing more than looking for validation.

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