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But that’s undeniably one of the initial general assumptions.

Huge professional athlete and known bachelor, medium tv actress, dating for 3 years...

, Minka Kelly has stepped out of the limelight of her famous father, former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay, and carved out a successful career for herself in Hollywood.

However, the stunning brunette has a darker side to her clean-cut showbiz persona.

Bart's this week where they were spotted having some serious bikini fun.

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I’d like to be more selective about those assumptions. If I threw up a poll right now and asked you who did the breaking, a large majority of you would likely answer Jeter.

I like that he didn’t have 5 kids by the time he was 22. and ripe for someone like Ashley Greene who IS actually a famewhore and should be all over it by now.

Because I’d like to think that “something official” isn’t what we all have to wait for as some sort of validation or end goal.

According to the report, the alleged tape was shot in New Mexico with Kelly and an ex-boyfriend.

It was described as being filmed in a "semi-professional manner" and "secured by a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor" so that the couple could watch.

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