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Studies have shown that Millennials are much less religious than previous generations. What’s more exciting is that the arc of history bends toward spiritual renewal.

Many of our country’s greatest revivals—from the Second Great Awakening to the hippie-era “Jesus movement”—were immediately preceded by periods of increased apostasy and reduced church attendance.

In 2014 and beyond, the language of our culture is increasingly becoming digitized. It also reflects their tendency to be wary of institutions, political parties and even other people in general (less than 20 percent of Millennials agreed with the statement that “most people can be trusted”).

Such radical skepticism may seem distasteful or inherently combative, until you remember the high premium Scripture places on shrewdness and “testing everything”.

In other words, the 3rd millennium would have started on New Year's Day 2000.

), others raised eyebrows, like their tendency to shun institutions, including religious ones, at rates far surpassing their parents and grandparents.

He didn’t just speak the language, He knew what to talk about, sharing simple stories couched in the terms of instantly relatable, everyday experiences.

To reach one’s audience with the truth of the Gospel or any other message, you have to speak their language. ” generation, and it’s hard to deny that the nickname fits pretty snugly.

Because though Scripture describes the Church in corporate terms—as “a body”—the metaphor collapses without some individualism.

A homogenous mixture of identical material is not a body, it’s a gelatinous blob.

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