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So, be alarmist if you must, but don’t be surprised if Millennials wind up embracing pure, unadulterated faith at rates that put their predecessors to shame.According to columnist Ross Douthat, individualism is the one denominator underlying all of Millennial’s generational trends.Studies have shown that Millennials are much less religious than previous generations. What’s more exciting is that the arc of history bends toward spiritual renewal.Many of our country’s greatest revivals—from the Second Great Awakening to the hippie-era “Jesus movement”—were immediately preceded by periods of increased apostasy and reduced church attendance.Like Bane in , they were “born in it, molded by it.” This is their turf, and they are oh so ready to reclaim it.When Jesus became man, He was very much a man of His day.

Pew describes Millennials as “digital natives”—the first generation that has not had to adapt to new technology and the Internet.

A recent and widely discussed study by the Pew Research Center has given researchers new insights into the Millennial generation, greatly expanding a knowledge base that appeared to previously consist of little more than “They sure seem to like Starbucks” and “They refuse to move out of my basement.” While some of the study’s revelations were not exactly groundbreaking (they have tons of debt—who knew?

), others raised eyebrows, like their tendency to shun institutions, including religious ones, at rates far surpassing their parents and grandparents.

In other words, the 3rd millennium would have started on New Year's Day 2000.

The only problem with this theory is that year 0 did not exist, as historians, calendar experts,, and other killjoys kept pointing out in the lead-up to the big party in year 2000.

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