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Wait for confirmation and approval in short term (usually up to 48h). To provide high speed and quality we prefer to work without intermediates. At the moment we are able to provide investigations in towns, regions, autonomous republic and countries below (INCLUDING THE NEAREST AREAS AROUND). that divided us from competitors is: if we do not have our own detective in the region, then our agents go there and fulfill the work on their own.She scammed men from abroad, tried to get acquaint with her aunt Inga, and her other friends, she told that she was working in the dating agency, and these were clients of the agency.She took money for taxi, but the taxi was her own and the driver was her husband.- fatal errors that lead to the disclosing of the client's/object's privacy, law violations.- being captured by the cheap offer you will be asked to make additional payments more and more.Aka: Kate Tereshuk Ekaterina Tereshuk lives in Zhytomir.Once she worked as interpreter in dating agency, but was fires for bad quality of work.

In reality - her clients were never interested in those men.

end your order below, provide us with exact details, estimate your probable expenses and then we will calculate the exact cost, duration and our opportunities regarding your case.

It's an important thing - we work with guarantee, so if we had calculated and take your case, then it will be done. The important peculiarities that divided us from competitors are: we always fulfill the necessary pre-investigation before to send you any price estimation.

- what did she(he) write you in her(his) last letter or said you during your last conversation ?

- What is the level of reliability of whole this information?

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