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By the time Charan finishes telling his foiled plot to kill Mattu Bhai, a lot of guys in black robes and black suits come, and then a fight starts.

Seeing her dad, she runs to him and tells him not to hit Charan as he did not kidnap her but saved her.

Sanjana and her friends arrive in Bangkok as tourists.

Charan loves Sanjana, but he didn't expect her to fall in love with him.

At first Sanjana's father tells to leave him, and the goons leave him, but when Sanjana tells him that she wants him and loves him, her father tells the goons to kill him.

The goons hit Charan on the head, he falls down, and they go away.

But what I wanted to show you is how I'm using Emacs to record times and then keep track of times.

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