Macports updating

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The final result on your Terminal screen should look like this: Issuing the That’s it! If you like the post / video tutorial make sure to give me thumbs up on You Tube!In the next post I will show you how to install and configure Apache web server from Mac Ports.This blog post will take you through step by step instructions of installing Mac Posrts and show you the most important commands to get you started.

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I had already installed PHP 5.6 using Mac Ports, so this guide is about upgrading a PHP 5 installation to a PHP 7.

These instructions assume that Mac Ports and XCode command line tools have already been installed on your system.

Mac Ports should be installed into the default location /opt/local.

To install Xcode open App Store, search for Xcode and install it – it’s a free download. When they are installed we have all the prerequisites to start Mac Ports installation. Go through all the installation steps (you will have to put your password again).

The installation will take some time because Xcode is more then 2GB download. When the installation finishes you should reopen the Terminal get environment variables updated.

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