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There are many reasons for people to keep a backup, differs from person to person.So there’s no point in elaborating and discussing over such reasons.Brisbane journalist and relationship commentator, Katherine Feeney will host the show and will be joined each week by one of the expert matchmakers from MAFS; including relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford and dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling.The “sweet team” will discuss matters that arise between the couples andprovide practical tips on how to deal with the challenges and issues that surface in the relationships from the show.Some may unable to forget them and some keep as memories.But revealing these pictures to their present partners are entirely depends on their partner’s nature and understanding. All those moments you spent with your partner are happiest moments the then.

But these memories at that age are a great memory and experience as well.

She also called herself a ‘serial monogamist’ and revealed that she is now single after a long time and was in a serious committed relationship.

Before you jump to any conclusions, she revealed that she did not date any of her Quantico co-stars because all are married.

One shouldn’t judge you based on your previous relationships. There’s no such thing called cheating here, it’s all about the amount of possessiveness. Moreover, such memories will usher smile on your face at your old age.

Conclusion: One should keep their memories and be matured enough to accept the same of your partner’s if any.

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