Laurel canyon dating

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Crushed, the leaves cure headaches or maybe they cause them. And our tree has another power, as lethal as wildfire.

The California bay laurel nurtures the pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death. The Santa Monica Mountains begin (but mountains, like myths, don’t begin; we’re always in the middle) …

The Department of Agriculture posts a toxicity warning prominently in its profile of .

This area is somewhat walkable — some errands can be accomplished on foot.Remembering the source of their laurels, a few hero/musician/gods know that the prize they most desired has eluded them, that it will always elude them. Harper built his home at the mouth of Laurel Canyon in what was then called the Cahuenga Valley.A Civil War veteran who had made his fortune in the hardware business in Los Angeles, Harper retired in 1895 and moved to his 480-acre canyon estate.Leucippus cross-dresses in a shift and hair ribbon in order to linger with Daphne and her virgin girl friends – Leucippus being as friendly with Daphne as he can in drag. He must; not even a god can solve the problem of desire. She prays to Mother Earth for escape, for something other than the bitter ordinariness of being another footnote in the many conquests of a hero.(Unbelievable, but the point of the story is erotic complication, not low comedy.) They girls decide to go swimming one day; “she” being a “he” means Leucippus can’t strip. And in her headlong flight from the god, at the moment when swift Apollo’s outstretched arm encircles Daphne’s waist and Apollo’s hand – a musician’s hand with a lyre player’s slim fingers – lifts to cup her breast, Daphne’s plea is answered. Feet, waist, arms, and hair are roots, trunk, limbs, and leaves.

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