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She also reveals that she watches the film Tangled three times a week and, as a child, fantasized about marrying a cowboy.

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'I am bonding good with her and like i said we are really strong relationship and nobody's gonna stop me from that (: x yes Prince still isn't ready idk why but he will meet her too (: i hope so no hate!And new pictures released today showed Debbie Rowe, grandmother Katherine Jackson and aunt La Toya Jackson leaving the hospital on Wednesday night where Paris is currently under a 72-hour psychiatric hold.'Paris wanted her mom in her life, but Paris was younger and Prince remembers all of the awful things Michael told them about Debbie.Prince feels Paris is betraying their father by getting close to Debbie.''He has these massive fights with her and calls Paris a backstabber for getting to know "that woman,"' said the insider. It's like we have this really strong relationship and did I mention, I kind of look like her.'Paris and Prince fight all the time, and it really hurts Paris as they used to be close.'The teen had revealed that she was back in touch with her mom, writing: 'So on my birthday, I hung out with my mom because of course, haven't seen her since... It was so amazing to see my mother after all these years.

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