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People accusing me of dating my female friends, yet when I was out with a man I was actually dating no one would say anything or even notice. People were seeing and noticing what they wanted and not looking at the truth. I am only singing about loving a man and being broken hearted by a man. I want my music to come out and people understand where it’s coming from, and for me not to feel guilty when people are painting a picture of me when the brush isn’t in my hand. I soon realised unless I said it more in black and white it would continue. Irrelevant to why people even know who I am if they do in the first place! "I soon realised unless I said it more in black and white it would continue. It's irrelevant to what this dream Is supposed to be about. Yet I go to work and it was like people were 3 years behind and wanted me to be someone Im not. I will admit maybe not always gone about it the right way but hey I'm still new to all of this too remember. And you let mind stay as mine and let me continue to grow and change just like every other human being." Jessie concluded: "I will not speak on this topic anymore. My record label didn’t care and it wasn’t part of my launch!

I was getting increasingly frustrated with still feeling like sexuality was defining me as an artist.

Which I am doing tbh, just speaking on something to set the record straight.

So I as I am writing my 3rd album I believe I owe it to myself and my fans to be me.

I put it into songs not articles that can be edited. I didn't generalise, I didn't say bisexuality isn't real. "I will say this, the reason I decided to put it out there in a more direct way.

)Back to the dance floor tonight To the dance floor Then I'm calling all hearts(I'm calling everybody, I'm calling everyone I'm calling everybody, get you)Tonight is the night, tonight is the night I'm calling all hearts, I'm calling all hearts I'm calling all hearts, I'm calling all hearts I rock tonight Calling all hearts Calling all hearts, hearts, hearts "Please tell me what I have done wrong here? "Everyone has their own journey and story, and mine can't go how you would rather it go. Just to be clear this was NEVER a publicity stunt or for album sales. Because it's just so silly and such a lazy accusation that I won't even go there.

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