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Thus alchemists could pursue their cycle of inner transformation as embarking on a journey in which they met with archetypal animal figures. In fact if you look here, you can see for yourself the many depictions of the dragon in the alchemical works. The dragon is a chimera, a composite of many sub-creatures.

The steps on their journey were paralleled in their experiments in their flasks, and the the Philosopher's Stone. The other creatures get caught up and form the whole, and the whole alchemical situation begins with the dragon or serpent which is the initial starting point.

One symbol of the stone was that of the Ouroboros, the snake holding its tail.

As we begin the work, we are all rather unformed (the 'Massa Confusa' or confused mass is a good image) and often victims at the mercy of the sway of polarities in the soul, psychic energies that constantly shift from one pole to another, from joy to despair, from overbearing positivity to deep melancholy and negativity, from light to dark, energy to inertia.

When the snake or dragon seized its tail it united the polarities into a circle, a symbol to the alchemists for achieving solidity amongst the dualistic energies of the soul forces.

The creation of the Philosophers'stone, was the formation of solid inner ground upon which the alchemical philosophers could build their personalities, and experience the full potentiality of being human.

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