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Sign up for .99/month (or .99/month for up to 5 family members) to add streaming music and access to the You Tube Red premium video service.More » The name i Heart Radio gives a major hint as to what you'll find in this app: a lot of radio.i Heart Radio brings you live streams of radio stations from across the country, so if you love the traditional radio experience, you'll probably love this app. In addition to music stations, you can also tune into news, talk, sports, and comedy stations.There are also podcasts available within the app from i Heart Radio-affiliated source and you can create your own custom "stations," Pandora-style, by searching for a song or artist.The .99/month service (.99/month for Prime members) gives you access to tens of millions of songs, playlists, and radio stations, and lets you download the songs for offline listening.

The free version of the app delivers all the core features, including creating and sharing playlists and listening to those made by others, but it also has ads.8tracks Plus, the paid version, removes ads, delivers unlimited listening, cuts out interruptions between playlists, and lets you illustrate your playlists with GIFs.Apple Music offers basically all the features you could want in a streaming app, and its right there on your phone. More » Google Play Music is a music service built around three major features: hosting your own music in the cloud, streaming new music, and internet radio.First, you can upload music that you already own to your Google account and then listen to it in this app over the Internet without having to download the songs or subscribe.(These are the same features that used to be part of the Songza app.A few years ago, Google bought Songza and later discontinued it.) Lastly, it delivers an unlimited music streaming, a la Spotify or Apple Music.

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