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The habit can kill and coarsen the very best man or woman to the level of a beast. the return of the human dignity, repentance and regeneration becomes almost impossible.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, “The one thing ...

It was, if I can phrase it like this, a matter of everything I hated versus everything I loved.Although she is only 5 feet 2, she was famous in our neighborhood for intimidating men three times her size and getting them to do the right thing.Hanna Rosin ' Good Times' was with a live audience, three camera, and that was really intimidating. Philip Baker Hall I think in the end, when you're famous, people like to narrow you down to a few personality traits.Lauren Kate It's intimidating when you have to stand onstage amongst a bunch of men who are dedicated to maintaining peak musculature and athleticism, and they're six-five, 240 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. So I'm waiting for it to stop, and the team's manager, Willie Randolph, comes by. But he comes over to me and says, ' If you screw this up, they will boo you.' And I said ' Thanks.' Julia Stiles I do want to work on writing, because writing's a skill. Writing is something that you can train yourself to know better.

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