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The LSM was one of the top picks in all three sessions — guitar & vocals, podcasting/VO, drum overheads.

(Don’t take my word for it, though; you can listen blind to the raw tracks and decide for yourself.) Now that I’ve been recommending LSM to people, I wanted to get a little more insight into its origins.

Brent was, as is always the case, gracious in his responses. I got the original idea for a USB mic from visiting a Lake.

Read on for some interesting, and maybe a little frightening insider information about the gear industry, and the full story on this little square mic too. Specifically, Cory Lake of American Guitar & Band, outside of Minneapolis. One was that the Hello Kitty Stratocaster is the absolute hottest selling MI product on the planet.

So, in some designs, there is circuitry dedicated to shaping specific frequency ranges of the raw capsule output.

I guess the obvious example of an industry-standard capsule that has well-known nonlinearities is the one in the Neumann U87?

Because no matter what color it is, it kicked a whole lot of ass in the Best 0 Condenser shootout.

We’d set out to identify great “first mics,” which could double as inexpensive studio workhorses even after one’s mic locker gets built out.

The form this all took is similar in size and shape to many handheld devices we carry around with us today.

The initial design goals I took into consideration were as follows: With regards to the first point, we went with an externally polarized large capsule element [see photos of the LSM capsule] with the conventional high impedance circuitry mated to the ADC [Analog-Digital Converter] to yield what I consider a good signal path.

In terms of functionality, the idea was to make a very simple mic that, while large capsule, was very rugged and able to stand freely on a surface, or be mounted on a mic stand.

Of course, the functionality doubled later on with the addition of the P48 [phantom-powered analog audio] output, which was an idea put forth by a staff member of Sweetwater during a presentation I gave at their Fort Wayne facility.

It was a pain in the ass to go back and change a finished design, but I’m very glad we did.

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