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The initial design goals I took into consideration were as follows: With regards to the first point, we went with an externally polarized large capsule element [see photos of the LSM capsule] with the conventional high impedance circuitry mated to the ADC [Analog-Digital Converter] to yield what I consider a good signal path.In terms of functionality, the idea was to make a very simple mic that, while large capsule, was very rugged and able to stand freely on a surface, or be mounted on a mic stand.Brent was, as is always the case, gracious in his responses. I got the original idea for a USB mic from visiting a Lake.Read on for some interesting, and maybe a little frightening insider information about the gear industry, and the full story on this little square mic too. Specifically, Cory Lake of American Guitar & Band, outside of Minneapolis. One was that the Hello Kitty Stratocaster is the absolute hottest selling MI product on the planet.[MI is the industry’s term for Musical Instrument products.–Ed.] The second thing was that there was a specific customer archetype — usually a parent — who wanted a mic that plugged into a computer without a lot of hassle.These small differences may be swamped by other factors like the headgrille acoustics, or overall circuit topology, for example.

Then, I switched to CAD, which is my version of a video game. Do you just reach for a known design, borrowing from one of the classics?

This is why the mic has this split personality of being a podcast/Skype-type device as well as a serious recording mic.

The form this all took is similar in size and shape to many handheld devices we carry around with us today.

For example, do the actual type of capacitors and brand of FET(s) make a difference?

Component selection always matters, but there is a magnitude to how much difference in tonality and performance that a single discrete component may impart.

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