Infj dating match

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We pick our relationships carefully and when they let us down it hurts us more then most people.Because that act proves our ideal about this person to be false, and it was that ideal that made us invest our time and emotions in these people to begin with.We want to be the “perfect” partner, and we tend to want our partner to be the “perfect” soulmate.We want someone who will make the effort to truly know us (which can take a while as we’re very private), and someone who will listen to our greatest hopes and dreams and ambitions.If you want more in-depth info on INFJs and relationships be sure to check out my e Book The INFJ – Understanding the Mystic What INFJs Want In Relationships Is the perfect soulmate too much to ask for? One of the struggles of being an INFJ is that of being a true idealist and a perfectionist.While we are very warm, affirming people by nature – we also tend to be over-achievers in relationships.Maybe it’s because pretty much every book out there says that INFJs do best with other intuitive types, and I’m married to a sensor. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, like I’ve said before, I’m NOT a relationship expert and so I believe that (often) people take the MBTI® too seriously in their relationships.There have been those who question their relationships after finding a chart somewhere that says their type and their partner’s type are incompatible.

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At some point I always swing back into reality and see it for what it really is.I know I have unrealistic expectations on people sometimes because I expect them to think like me.What I forget is that I’m an INFJ, and most of the world are not. Even though the world would probably be better off if it did. An INFJ would passionately cling to a life of singleness over being married to someone, or dating someone, who they feel little passion or depth of feeling for.INFJs are very independent, and while we long for a partner and soulmate in life, we have very little tendency to be desperate or to “settle” for anything less than someone with whom we share a very deep connection.

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