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This is the format of If You Are the One: twenty-four women, equipped with light-fronted podia, meet a male contestant.

Across several rounds of asking questions of him and short videos shot around his home, workplace, and town, the women may switch their lights to red to indicate that they are not interested in him.

It’s also unexpected because If You Are the One is based on an Australian program called Taken Out, which was so bad, so very bad, that it lasted on the air for but a few weeks of sad, shallow, and sexist viewing.

What, then, makes If You Are the One different, and what about it appeals to the Australian imagination in ways in which its Australian originator does not?

The man may leave without a date, or choose to leave or not leave with one last contestant with her light on, or choose between several women who have left their lights on throughout the rounds.

A woman leaves the show when she gets a date or when the producers replace her, and there are several male contestants per episode.

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I hestitatingly am heartened that Australian audiences have rejected the shallow fakery of the local version of this format, but have taken the Chinese version on board for three nights per week.

Mr Mc Mahon learned Mandarin in high school and after graduating spent time backpacking in China and studied Chinese in Beijing.

Shortly after returning to Australia in 2012 he was in a serious car accident and fell into a week-long coma."When I came out of that coma, the first words to come out of my mouth were in fluent Mandarin," he said.

It’s super great because there’s a shared power dynamic in who gets to choose unlike, say, the one-sidedness of The Bachelor.

Also unlike every Western dating show I’ve seen, If You Are the One is not about cotton candy romance, drawn-out fakery, or unrelatable scheming.

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