How to make dating sim

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If you do happen to comment on the tutorial, do not be offended if I answer /- 4 months later. If I don't answer your question, and you see that I have answered others (aka it looks like I've deliberately avoided your question), it is only because of one (or more) of the following circumstances: a. I will answer those before heading to the comment section. Here is a tutorial on making cheat codes and passwords! here is a tutorial on how to let the player choose their own name for the character! Here is my tutorial involving Inventory, Gift-giving, and a little bit on shops! I saw your naming tutorial but I don't know how to input the code. Though, these days people using AS3, which available for Adobe Flash CC 2014 or later Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever? thanks Haii, which one code should I use to make " buy " button? for me hp is energia, money is pieniadze, day is dzien .

Happy Flashing________Check out my other tutorials on this stuff down below! I know those names are strange but I making polish sim dating :3When I try to code the "talk" button, I get several errors in flash (I'm using CS3 btw).

I want to make a dialogue path for my character, like "saving where you left off" sorta thing, as well as displaying a frame where it tells you that you have too little hp, adding exp and stuff.

The code that's given here doesn't seem to work for CS3, I tried using:on(release){if (exp == 0) else if(hp Oh sorry for the mixup. If you are trying to find her tutorial, just type in the words from the picture "how to make a flash dating sim" into the Deviantart search tab, or search Pacthesis and it should appear.

Of course, your button will still have the 1 day part, so even if you hit the sleep button 12 times, your HP will be reset to 50 each time, not compound itself, and you will be on day 12.

I'm just really confused as to why this is happening.

Actionscript2 to save and load a first frame, Actions layer, declare your variables ( i will go with "elf" and "arkelf" for example, AND the saving variable.)var savefile = Shared Local("zantetsuken");// here, zantetsuken stands for the name of the save file, which is a .solvar elf = 0;var arkelf = 0;// here, zantetsuken stands for the name of the save file, which is a

It will be published as in this directory is: C://users\user Name\Application Data\roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#Shared Objects\(file with lot of letters)\then in save-button, add the following:on (press)then in load-button, add the following:on (press)Please take in count that it doesn't saves and loads the frame where the saving was done. then, enjoy the the working file in compressed:…There is one and just one problem... In her simdates you can stack HP/Energy/Time like crazy if you sleep all day and erry day.

It is assumed that you have general knowledge on flash (I USE MACROMEDIA FLASH PROFESSIONAL 8).

If this looks like a foreign language to you, go to 's page and she has a very neat tutorial on the basics.

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