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which frame/button does it go into the actionscript? i tried to put it in the actionscript of every button but it doesnt work ;-; please please helpoh, also, when i clicked on the sleep button it only gives me 5 hp when i put 50 hp in the sleep button actionscripthere is what i put in the sleep button actionscripton(release)also the day resets back to one after i press the sleep button 10 times :///?

You could also do a"cap" function, by making the button have an "if" statement, saying if the HP is greater than or equal to 50, the button will inactivate.

Then, come back and see if any of this makes sense. for my variables in the main scene top layer at the beginning.i just thought you should know.. but yes, you can make flash games with Actionscript 3.0, just not with this current tutorial.

If you are confused, feel free to comment below so that I (In the rare event that I ever come on here) , or another Deviant can maybe help you. You will have ba D luck in relationships for the next 10 years I'm hitting a snag, am using - on (release) - and the dynamic text keeps adding a 1 instead of really adding it. What's the problem, have been working on it for hours I'm probably missing something stupid. uwu If you have CS3 or CS4 flash professional, you can simply switch your actionscript to Actionscript 2.0 before you start making a new file, you can see in the layout of FLASH a choice(s) of two actionscript typesfor me, as I am using CS4, there is Actionscript 2.0 and Actionscript 3.0I have adobe flash cc and there are barely any tutorials for that out so far (as I can tell/find...

If you do happen to comment on the tutorial, do not be offended if I answer /- 4 months later. If I don't answer your question, and you see that I have answered others (aka it looks like I've deliberately avoided your question), it is only because of one (or more) of the following circumstances: a. I will answer those before heading to the comment section. Here is a tutorial on making cheat codes and passwords! here is a tutorial on how to let the player choose their own name for the character! Here is my tutorial involving Inventory, Gift-giving, and a little bit on shops! I saw your naming tutorial but I don't know how to input the code. Though, these days people using AS3, which available for Adobe Flash CC 2014 or later Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever? thanks Haii, which one code should I use to make " buy " button? for me hp is energia, money is pieniadze, day is dzien .

Happy Flashing________Check out my other tutorials on this stuff down below! I know those names are strange but I making polish sim dating :3When I try to code the "talk" button, I get several errors in flash (I'm using CS3 btw).

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