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D" (think of Quentin Tarantino remaking "Sense and Sensibility").

A rising star, Deol nonetheless left Mumbai last fall to make New York his home, and recently graced the cover of the Indian edition of People magazine to talk about his expat life here.

That's because some smart Bollywood icons have holed up right here in New York to enjoy some paparazzi-free privacy.

While they are megastars on the Indian subcontinent, they're anonymous to most New Yorkers — imagine Tom Cruise hitting a corner deli for a pint of milk without photographers or autograph hunters poring over his groceries. Deol is Bollywood's Ryan Gosling, a smart woman's heartthrob who broke out with the indie flick "Dev.

The winner (at bollystar2009.com) gets a singing role in a Bollywood movie.

But the Bollywood icon who ­pioneered stateside living was Padma Khanna, the legendary Bardot-like vamp who broke out in 1967's "Mehrban." Khanna now lives in New Jersey and runs the ­Indianica Academy, teaching various traditional Punjabi, Gujurati and other Indian folk dances.

"I'm a dancer first and an actress second," she says, explaining that two or three of her students who've graduated have headed to India to try their luck working in the movies as she did.

I needed this break where I was anonymous." His niche celebrity is evident on a stroll through Chelsea on a summer Sunday night.

For much of the time, Deol ­passes unnoticed — just another well-dressed thirtysomething, at least until a starry-eyed Indian couple stops him in a restaurant and gingerly asks for a photo (he's glad to oblige).

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