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In , she plays a detective, but that’s a supporting role.”There could be some opportunities lost as a result of people stereotyping her in some way,” says David A.She’ll never be able to play a dramatic leading-lady role.[She can play] no believable love scenes with a man anymore.” Then again, Fox Films honchos Bill Mechanic and Peter Chernin seem unperturbed.When it comes to celebrity marriages, some of the richest and most successful actors have walked down the aisle more than once.Sure, you can name who they’re married to now, but can you recall who they used to be married to?Our hopes aren’t high (to be frank) for the new Indiana Jones movie, but they’re high for Ms.

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George Clooney, the man who was once referred to as the ultimate bachelor, was married to another woman long before he tied the knot with his current wife, Amal.

Harrison Ford was born in 1942, so he’ll be straining the actuarial charts as a swashbuckler in this summer’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

But the new Indiana Jones film will be a milestone in another way: With Karen Allen returning as Marion Ravenwood, this will be the first time in eons that Ford’s had a leading lady within a decade of his own age.

”When a studio executive is risking , , or million,” says entertainment lawyer David Colden, ”he or she is often unwilling to risk that the public [won’t] care about the private life of an actor.” Adds Colden: ”The truth is, it will probably affect her future casting….

There’s an irony that in an industry filled with powerful homosexuals, some open and some closeted, decisions are still made based on an actor’s private life.” · The best-case scenario.

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