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MHRCK alleges that prosecutors coerced a soldier, already under investigation, into approaching another officer on an app widely used by gay and bisexual men in order to extract information about the officer’s name, rank and military unit.MHRCK also unveiled a leaked guideline from the High Army Prosecutors’ Office dated March 23 that urges “strict handling of same-sex sex acts to prevent a proliferation of soldier-on-soldier sodomy.” The center said that army chief of staff Jang Jun-kyu ordered the search, with about 40 to 50 soldiers identified so far as being homosexual.Most LGBT people in Korea choose to hide their sexual orientation in public, and only feel free to express themselves openly in selected areas such as the so-called Homo Hill in Itaewon, also the district where the US military base is located.There are also few openly gay public figures, the best-known being Hong Seok-cheon, an actor-comedian who was Korea’s first openly gay celebrity.South Korean military officials are allegedly conducting an army-wide search for gay men among the country’s troops, after a sex tape between two soldiers was uploaded online, according to an investigation by a non-profit group.

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Gays have a questionable logic in demanding the resignation of the army chief of staff to justify their sexual urges,” Han Hyo-gwan, an anti-gay activist, told local newspaper Kookmin Ilbo (link in Korean).The army has rejected claims that such a search is occurring.“If military personnel who served without any problem are forced to be dishonorably discharged and sent to prison due to their sexual orientation, it is hard to distinguish Korea from the worrisome countries where homosexuals are detained, tortured and executed,” said the MHRCK in a statement.In 2014, director Kim Jho Gwang-su married his partner in a same-sex public ceremony in Seoul that was not recognized by the law.Such actions have raised visibility of sexual minorities, advancing the conversation on LGBT rights.

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