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(Incidentally, all my mother's family were Roman Catholics.)In 1942, my mother and her children were evacuated to South Africa; my father stayed in Egypt. I have five sisters, including: Valerie, born near Cairo, Egypt (1938); Leonora, born in Palestine (1940); and Christine, born in Alexandria, Egypt (1947); the last two were born in the UK. After docking in Liverpool, we stayed in a hostel on Lime Street Station (in transit).

After that, we were sent to the Isle of Sheppey (in transit).

If you can throw further light on the photograph, please e-mail TACA.'My name is Daisy Caroline Blythe, née Parris, and I was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1937.

My father, Alfred Leonard James Parris, was in the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) and married my mother, Georgette Eugenie Youssief, who, according to her birth certificate, was Palestinian, although she, too, was born in Alexandria, Egypt.

This was during the late 1970s, when the IRA was targeting British soldiers serving in Germany.'Michael Few has sent TACA a family photograph (shown here) with a request for help: 'If anyone recognises themselves in this photograph, I would love to hear from you'.

The former were all married to gentlemen in the Company's service; my elder brother, David, went to sea; I myself became a soldier, and my younger brother, Robert, followed my example.' 'I remember my father leaving the house and then checking under the car for a bomb before driving to work each morning.

At eight years old, I just wanted to go to the beach!

Dad was a staff sergeant by then, supervising the cookhouses in the legendary 'Glasshouse' military prison. There were no school dinners then, so we all spent about ninety minutes' dinnertime at home every day.There were no married quarters there, so the family – Mum and three kids – lived up a ladder in a farm barn.My first girlfriend, Hazel Clark, aged three, lived next door. ) I do recall slow, wartime train journeys; people living in the Tube stations in London; houses in Liverpool backing on to the railway line split open like dolls' houses, with furniture falling out; being sick on the ferry boats; Mum putting a rather oversized toddler (me) into a pram to push me over the Irish Free State border to buy unrationed bacon, butter and eggs, and then wheeling the pram back, with me sitting precariously on top, past winking Southern Irish and Ulster policemen at the border crossing.He was severely injured at the start of World War II, but was kept on as 'medically downgraded' in extra-regimental work, away from his beloved regiment, until, eventually 1956! I do not remember it much, and we moved on as Dad became, sadly miscast, a military prison warder in MPSC [the Military Provost Staff Corps].I remember Northern Ireland vividly, where we lived in the country, near Carrickfergus.

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    101 (indading Vancoaver and Queen Charlotte Islands) was incorporated. In 1767 Hyder Ali, King of Mysore, joined the Mahratta chiefs against the English and ravaged the Camatic. In 1780 he again over- ran the same district, and succeeded in taking Arcot. Coote in 1781, and in 1782 (the French having become his allies) was finally overthrown. and hia brother in the Tower, and executed in this reign for treason. — An impostor who personated Edward, Earl of Warwick, son of the Duke of Clarence, and was defeated £t Stcke in 1487. He was the author of a politioo- philosophical work called * Utopia ; or. He was impeached on his return from India in 1767 for abuse of power, but acquitted. 'Wll Uam Pitt, Sari of CHatbam, 1708-1778.— The 'Great Commoner.' Succeeded Walpole in 1742, and conducted the ' Seven Years' War.* &ord O€or§re Sackvi Ue, 1716-17S5.~(i S^ p. He escaped, and died at Rome many years afterwards. &ord Heatblleld, 1718-1790.— Successfully defended Gibraltar for more than three years against the combined French and Spanish fleet.

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