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So both Mac OS 7.5 floppy disk editions and CD-ROM editions are available.When sending in your Starbucks gift card or a self-address stamped mailer, please therefore specify if you are interested in: Talk about taking a long time to open a package.For starters it doubles the size of on the onboard disk cache to 32 gigabytes, matching the cache size of most mainstream 3.5-inch desktop drives.But, the real leap forward with the new drive is the addition of 4-gigabytes of flash memory, making the new drive what is called a hybrid disk drive.Since then I've owned numerous Atari ST, VIC-20, Commodore 64, Apple II, Apple Macintosh and Windows computers. I moved to Seattle Washington in 1990 for a day job at Microsoft where I participated in the development of Windows XP and Vista, Office 95 and Office 97, Mac Office 98, Xbox 360, multiple releases of Visual Studio, and contributed to several papers including this one on "Time Travel Debugging", a technology that I helped develop at Microsoft Research.I've made a full-time living from computers since age 18; starting with my first paid computer magazine article in 1985 (see "G. More recently I have been funding my own research on the many interesting facets of virtual machines for the era of 64-bit multi-core CPUs.So, first test, I thought I would tackle a system that most other web sites would not jump on benchmarking first, or for that matter one that Seagate might have optimized their drive for.

So how does Seagate top the 7200.4 drive this year?

Pretty much any Mac models prior to the appearance of the i Mac in the late 1990's when floppy drives were no longer included.

System 7.5 is the one universal Mac OS for use on classic Macs.

Besides the almost hundred of the 7.5 floppy disk package I have maybe ten packages of the 8.1 CD-ROM.

With each Mac OS package I will also include another of the liquidation items I never quite got rid of, the Emulators shareware CD-ROM containing over 600 megabytes of old Macintosh shareware suitable for running on classic Macintosh systems. Announced back in May, the new generation of hybrid notebook hard disk from Seagate finally made its appearance in stores this week.

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