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- since it works on the most number of classic Mac models and ROMs.And since these packages contain floppies (not CD-ROMs as in the packages i liquidated in 2004) they can be used to boot many of those older Mac models that you still may have laying around.The flash memory acts as a sort of secondary disk cache (not unlike the analogy of an L1 and L2 cache in a microprocessor), buffering 4 gigabytes of the most frequently accessed hard disk data in fast low-latency flash memory.The net effect of the flash memory is that in theory the new hybrid drive should exhibit most of the speed of an SSD (solid state drive) without the prohibitive cost of a purely solid-state drive, which for 500-gigabyte capacity these days runs at over 1000 dollars.Use the Starbucks option if you live outside of the United States, and you can order Starbucks gift cards online at of course to save yourself even going to a store.Please specify specifically whether you are requesting the floppy disk package of Mac System 7.5 or the CD-ROM package of Mac OS 8.1.

I've made a full-time living from computers since age 18; starting with my first paid computer magazine article in 1985 (see "G. More recently I have been funding my own research on the many interesting facets of virtual machines for the era of 64-bit multi-core CPUs.So, if you are interested in getting over of these never used, never opened (heck, never exposed to sunlight) packages of Mac OS 7.5 / System 7.5 floppy disk based system disks, now is your chance.As before, I am giving these away to anyone that either sends me a suitably sized self-addressed stamped mailer large enough as you see to hold a typically sized Mac OS package, or sends me a Starbucks gift card of at least to cover a coffee and the cost of shipping you the package.I spotted one in the wild and captured it (well, ordered online), bringing it into my lab for testing.For the past year, Seagate's leading notebook hard disk has been their 500-gigabyte Momentus 7200.4 ST9500420AS, a 7200-rpm SATA hard disk with 16 megabytes of disk cache.

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