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UDP can be used to minimize latency and the retransmission of stale data, but as RPGs generally don't employ twitch gameplay TCP/IP is normally a better choice.

The backend for Wowemu is amazingly simple (I tried it in 2005 however) and probably a complete over simplification of the database schema. Because MMOs by and large require the resources of a business to develop and deploy, at which point they are valuable company IP, there isn't a ton of publicly available information about implementations.

Con2006-Stackless In There was also a recent Game Developer Magazine article on Eve's architecture:{47}July-2009-Issue---Digital-Edition Traditionally MMOs have been based on C server applications running on Linux communicating with a database for back end storage and fat client applications using Open GL or Direct X.

In many cases the client and server embed a scripting engine which allows behaviours to be defined in a higher level language.

For the big five MMOs I imagine there are teams of 10-20 very intelligent, mathematically gifted developers working on this daily and there isn't a MMO out there that has got it right yet, most break after 100 players.

-- Have a look for Wowemu (there's no official site and I don't want to link to a dodgy site).

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