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Omni Focus for Apple Watch quickly lets you see your next upcoming task as well as the things you want to do to make you more productive.

The app also includes notifications so you don't forgot what your tasks.

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Beast206 : ugh unfortunately Destinysmoon64 : nope bbpa : yep Nastan : o_O Destinysmoon64 : from beasts response dont think I want to yeti : no more animal sounds ok pay attention Destinysmoon64 : yes sir BIg_N_Smelly : later all gotta get some sleep tonight Beast206 : night Destinysmoon64 : night night big Butch_179-1 : nite big Crypto Hunter JD : hope that wasn't ky doing a microphone check bbpa : night bbpa :

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It gives you free online storage for all your personal files so you can get to them from your i OS device, computer (PC or Mac), and any other devices you use.:) Pappy__ : jack woulda cried Beast206 : they have hairs on their abdomen that burn and glad he told me that AFTER the fact bbpa : im not scared of spiders but that is amonster one man Destinysmoon64 : I am just plain going crazy : D bbpa : would have just bit it Beast206 : all I can say is it had a better grip on me than I did on it : P bbpa : lol yeti : sherry there must be alot bigfoot books in that website Nastan : kyresearcher : bbpa,what uis that link for/ Destinysmoon64 : I am not scared of spiders either but snakes?q= Pappy__ : nite big bbpa : kinda long but thats him bbpa : shoot didnt work Beast206 : Jack Hannah tricked me into holding one at the zoo here when I was a kid BIg_N_Smelly : eyes and ears on later Nastan : fo that link when i open it, it says "We're sorry, but the page you are looking for could not be found.You can try using our search feature in the left sidebar, or a Google powered search may help you find what you are looking for" bbpa : i found it on google Pappy__ : you knew better than to put your hands out when jack asked Beast206 : well, we were in the reptile house I planned on a snake :( bbpa : link is too long though Bigfoot Gal : Bill, just ordered a copy of The Boy Who Saw Bigfoot from Alibris Books online. bbpa : i would have passed out yeti : sherry great Destinysmoon64 : ok I am back got knocked of Beast206 : I was too busy freaking the heck out lol Butch_179-1 : i would have stomped on it bbpa : i still would have passed out Bigfoot Gal : I'm going Bigfoot book crazy!

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