Florida law for validating a debt

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The right to request verification of the debt is provided by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

The law was enacted to allow consumers to obtain more information about the debt that is being collected and to act as an informal dispute resolution system between consumers and their collectors.

The verification period allows you to request verification: Note that you have thirty days to request verification from your receipt of the letter—not thirty days from the day the letter is dated.

Additionally, the verification period runs from first contact.

Even a simple letter to you saying it has researched the debt and confirmed that it’s correct, will meet the legal requirements for responding to your request for verifying debt.

However, during this time period collectors may not make any immediate threats or take any negative action against you, such as suing you (or threatening to) or reporting the debt to credit reporting agencies (or threatening to).

Perhaps you disagree with certain charges, or you don’t remember incurring the debt, or you think the time period in which you are legally obligated to pay, has expired.

In those cases, you may ask for specific information in your letter, and the collector may provide more responsive information than they would otherwise legally have to.

For example, if a collector sends you a letter on January 1, and another one on January 20, your right to verify will still expire thirty days from your receipt of the January 1 letter.

You must make your verification request in writing. A simple sentence saying “I request verification of my debt” will suffice.

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