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Flashbacks reveal other key elements in the show: Luke — whose real name is Carl Lucas — and Shades were in prison together, and Luke's super strength is the byproduct of a procedure that was meant to accelerate his healing after a brutal fight.Said procedure also gave him the opportunity to break out of Seagate when the experiment went wrong and caused an explosion.Stick and Elektra show up in Season 2 to try and enlist Matt into this eternal war with The Hand, but Elektra is ultimately killed by Nobu and her body is stolen by The Hand, who stash her in a creepy stone sarcophagus which is somehow intended to help resurrect her.Matt's focus on Elektra and the escalating war with The Hand has put a rift between him and his closest friends, including his law partner, Foggy Nelson, who finds out his secret identity and urges him to give up his life of crime-fighting to tackle injustice the legal way, and his former secretary-turned-newspaper reporter Karen Page, who has always had an unrequited crush on him.Danny breaks The Hand's hold over his company, defeats a whole mess of ninjas, and tries to return to K’un-Lun with his girlfriend, a martial arts teacher and ex-member of The Hand Colleen Wing, only to find that the city has vanished and its guards are all dead.Meanwhile, Joy has met with Davos – a former friend of Danny’s from K’un-Lun who thinks he's totally unqualified to be the Iron Fist (like many of us) – to talk about taking Danny out.

Under their care, he’s become a martial arts expert imbued with the power of the Iron Fist – an ancient mystical force that usually manifests on the show in the form of Danny’s glowing, superpowered fist.

In New York, Danny tries to reclaim his place in the family business — which has since been taken over by his father’s old business partner, Harold Meachum, and his adult children Ward and Joy — and basically runs around asserting his privilege against everyone who crosses his path.

Eventually, Danny discovers that Harold orchestrated the plane crash, and that Harold himself has died only to be revived by The Hand – the same order of evil mystical ninjas that caused such havoc on Long story short, the season ends with Harold getting killed (for, like, the third time) by Ward.

Early on in Season 1, Matt meets a nurse, Claire Temple, who patches up his wounds after she finds him injured in a dumpster, and she becomes his confidant (and brief love interest), since she's one of the only people who knows about his double-life.

Their romance doesn't last long, since dating Daredevil is hazardous to one's health and sanity, but she continues to help Matt out when he (frequently) needs it.

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