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"Paul said, 'Wait till the oul' fella gets his hands on you! It just rolls." How does he think the world sees Finbar Furey? And as the fella said to me every time 'your ma would give us a big lump of bread with real butter'," he says. "We didn't have much," he adds, his green eyes smiling now. I can't tell you how fantastic it was to grow up in Ballyer as a kid," he says of Ballyfermot. Our house was just full of singing, I think I came out of my mother singing," says Finbar, who was born in the Coombe on September 28, 1946. "For picnics," he continues, "we'd take one of the horses. '," Finbar says about when he and Eddie joined the Clancy Brothers in the late 1960s after Tommy Makem left the Clancys. "And from that day in Puck Fair, I learned to play the tin whistle. "As Woody Guthrie said, 'I won't teach but they can steal it from me if they like'.​" The importance and influence of Finbar Furey in the history of Irish music cannot be over-estimated. I remember taking my watch off and giving my wallet to Sheila. Hardly any of them could swim and my father would teach them. He put a rope around your waist and he'd hold you up. If you had an album out, the front windows would be open in the house and she'd play it, full blast. They're over in America with the Clancys at the moment! And we've been lost ever since," he says meaning lost in the music. "To be honest, I'm proud of who I am, and of course, music.​" What did he learn about life from his mother? She was a great reader of character and was a romantic who loved the old songs, musicals, and I got that from her.​" And what would he like to teach the world with his words, with his music? Lucy and Finbar explore the local markets, take a camel ride and eat at a restaurant at the top of a volcano as Finbar opens up on his life and late friend Terry Wogan.By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover has confirmed she has lost one of the twins she was expecting later this year with her TV presenter husband Steve Backshall.

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