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She also hosts the Perp Patrol segment (my favorite) in conjunction with local law enforcement. When I was a senior in high school, I performed a solo of the Broadway show tune “I Feel a Song Comin’ On” at SPAC in a big high school musical show. I sat in the foreign press section at the Olympic rink in Lake Placid in 1980, hugging a very startled Japanese journalist, when the U. hockey team beat Russia in the most thrilling sports event I have ever seen. I was hit in the eye with a piece of slate thrown by a neighbor boy when I was 4 and nearly lost my vision in that eye. I jumped out of a plane—twice—for a story on skydiving. I will never forget his optimism and fighting spirit. When I was four and my brother five, we walked hand-in-hand—all alone–down a very busy Old Loudon Road to the barbershop—without anyone’s knowledge—in search of the pretzel logs my dad’s barber always gave us when Pop got his haircut. David Letterman gave me a shout-out on his Late Night show for asking Hillary Clinton during an interview whether she would be a guest on his show. Letterman got hold of the interview and played it on the air. I appeared on the soap opera The Guiding Light as an extra.

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“Space tourism is the latest venture in which space faring nations are actively getting involved,” explains Prof. “India is an acknowledged space power; the international status which is critical for its economic and strategic position in a globalized world.

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She made her film debut at the age of 16 in “Architecture of Reassurance.” Other roles followed, including parts in Larry Clark’s “Bully,” in which Kelli was so convincing in her audition as a drug user that a future “casting director was afraid to audition her since they mistakenly believed her character was a real person and not an actor” (

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Geyser predictions are wonderful aids in planning a geyser-gazing itinerary. The National Park Service predicts 6 geysers: Old Faithful, Grand, Castle, Daisy, Riverside, and Great Fountain.

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