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A couple of years ago, my son became ill after eating pasta, and since then even the thought of pasta makes him nauseated.

But right now what has to be stopped in its tracks is the appalling treatment of your boy. In a Pickle: I don't think my problem is unique, but the particular details may be.My family and I lost money, and he was able to walk away with no consequences.(Interestingly enough he decided to bail when a financial commitment was required of his family.) If I had asked for an engagement ring, he would have bailed a lot faster minus the embarrassing announcement/renege and without the loss of money.I assure you the absence of an engagement ring is not the sign of lack of committment.I say this as someone married to a great guy for 18 years, and all I've got to show in the jewelry department is a gold band. Last Single One Out: I know this is a bit of a trivial question.

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