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He is from a northern European country where engagement rings are usually simple gold bands, worn by both the man and the woman.

: I recently got engaged to my boyfriend of two years.

We have two sons together, the younger of whom is 10 years old.

He gets frequent migraines, which are worsened by not eating or drinking enough throughout the day.

My friend is completely clueless that she's cheating on him (even though she cheated on him once during his engagement).

Is there any way I can tell him without getting fired?

This past weekend, my ex took him and his brother to a family get-together for his mother-in-law's birthday where pasta was being served.I assure you the absence of an engagement ring is not the sign of lack of committment.I say this as someone married to a great guy for 18 years, and all I've got to show in the jewelry department is a gold band. Last Single One Out: I know this is a bit of a trivial question.A: You are lucky this jerk left before the wedding.Stop fixating on the idea that you would have been saved this heartache if you got a ring.

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