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Today, the couple is still married, and Weiner is a stay-at-home dad to their son. Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick apologized to his wife and the city after romantic messages, reported by the Detroit Free Press, indicated the Democrat was having an affair with his chief of staff.

The chief of staff, Christine Beatty, resigned, but Kilpatrick, said he would not.

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"We regret that our marital relationship has come to an end, and we have agreed not to make any other public statement on this subject," Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden said in a statement released on behalf of the couple Tuesday.

Hit with multiple investigations, Ensign resigned in 2011.

After initially standing by her husband, former California Gov.

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But the Democrat was stopped in his political tracks when his liaisons with high-paid prostitute Ashley Dupre surfaced, and he stepped down as governor in March 2008. John Ensign, R-Nevada, admitted having an affair with Cindy Hampton, a campaign aide and the wife of his former chief of staff, Doug Hampton. David Vitter, here with wife Wendy Baldwin Vitter, admitted in July 2007 his involvement in the "D. Madam" scandal after his phone number had been published in a list of phone records from a prostitution ring. Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of former presidential candidate and ex-North Carolina Sen.John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator and Democratic presidential hopeful, saw his political career spin off track when he finally admitted in 2008 that he was unfaithful to his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth Edwards.Edwards at first denied the affair but ultimately came clean about fathering a child with his campaign videographer, Rielle Hunter. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, agreed to step down temporarily as the leading Republican on Senate committees after details came out about his 2007 arrest in an airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota.News of the affair surfaced in 1998, and Clinton became the second president to be impeached by the U. House when he was brought up on charges of lying to a grand jury and trying to influence the testimony of others but wasn't removed from office. Weiner left office in his seventh term in Congress.He is still married to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. David Vitter, R-Louisiana, issued an apology "for a very serious sin in my past" after his phone number showed up in the records of Pamela Martin and Associates, and escort service run by Deborah Jeane Palfrew, aka the "D. Madam" Vitter is still serving in the Senate and is still married. Shortly after his resignation, news broke the Abedin was pregnant with their first child.

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