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It will pretty much go one of two ways: she'll lean in likewise and accept it, or she'll lean back and seem like she's pulling away. But the takeaway should be that if she likes your pictures and profile enough to take the time to meet up, and she likes your personality, look, and game during the IRL meet enough to stay for ~45 minutes, there is absolutely no good reason for her to draw away at that first minor step in physical escalation. There are a lot of validation seeking hoes out there using online dating as an interactive romance novel.

I think girls who don't like your look or personality, but are otherwise actually on the hunt for a guy to bang, will usually proactively eject themselves early.The solution is fairly simple, and has of course been mentioned by others on the forum before: you need to engage in physical escalation a soon as possible. Most "Category Bs" have a severe weakness in their armor, though: they absolutely cannot tolerate physical escalation of any type.They'll chat with you, they can tell you all sorts of nice things, they can give you interesting conversation, they can text you like they're really interested in your life, but the moment "push comes to shove" in the real world, they finally have no ability to fake around their true disinterest.It doesn't actually matter if you don't feel the timing is quite right, or it feels a little "awkward." Just gather up your courage, do it, and don't ask.As I said, her reaction will be immediate, visceral, unconscious, and unable to fake. If a chick online wants to chat/message/IM for ages but avoids a meet up, then they probably have a husband/boyfriend or are fat and ugly and not like the pics online.

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