Effect of online dating on society

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Adding links was also found to increase the strength of marriages in society.

In a new study, Dr Josue Ortega from the University of Essex and Mr Philipp Hergovich from the University of Vienna looked at the effect online dating is having on society.

This leads to a society with low levels of interracial marriage.

But when the researchers added links between people without a connection – such as through online dating - the level of interracial marriage rapidly increased.

After all, people are less likely to form a romantic relationship with a close friend and more likely to date a person connected to their friendship group, or someone they met at a bar, at work, or college.

There's been a huge shift in dating culture in the last two decades.

Today online dating is the second most common way for a heterosexual couple to meet and the most common for homosexual couples.

So Josue Ortega, from the University of Essex, UK, and Philipp Hergovich, from the University of Vienna, Austria, decided it was time to explore how it affects society.

More recently, apps like Tinder are accelerating the trend.First, they programmed the model to show what would happen if those agents could only marry those they had a mutual connection with, say a friend of a friend. Next, they reprogrammed the system to include additional links (representing online dating matches) so that two agents, previously unconnected, had the chance to meet and marry.Levels of interracial pairings dramatically increased. So, does it reflect what's happening in the real world?But new research suggests that it's not all doom and gloom.In fact, sites like and apps like Tinder could be contributing to a stronger, more diverse society.

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