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Welcome to Escortzone-Ru, the largest escorts directory in Russia.Here, you're able to provide yourself a great leisure in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, using the services of presented here russian escort models.The Asia-Pacific region (including North America) accounts for the bulk of the gross world product.The region hosts the world’s largest economies – American, Chinese and Japanese, which in the future will be joined by two more economic giants – India and the Russian Federation.We create a unique product for those who prefer to see nearby a model not just beautiful, but smart and sexy.In Russia, Escort service is a relatively new business, but if you look at the pace of its development, we can say about the growing popularity of this type of service.

Other Asia-Pacific countries include Indonesia, the world’s largest Islamic country, and Australia and New Zealand, which boast the highest level of development in the Southern Hemisphere.You even can leave accompanied by one of these girls abroad.You can choose the escort girl who speaks english or the other foreign language, that will facilitate your stay in Russia.These should be economic initiatives in the first place.In the late 1990s, Chinese politicians unofficially brought forward the following stratagem: “Lean on the North, stabilize the West and go South.” Russia, for its part, could formulate its geopolitical course for the decades to come as follows: “Lean on the West, stabilize the South and go East.” The West is the prime source of high technologies and high-quality investments; the South packs the key threats to the country’s security, while the East provides markets for energy resources, raw materials and technologies and offers new areas for bilateral and international cooperation.

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