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Jones’s, is even more unreliable, full of incomprehensible or meretricious prose. Jones’s misleading statements about road conditions, Fitzgerald rages at his fellow-author: Dr.Jones’s Guide Book had now resorted to sheer fiction—and cheap, trashy, sentimental fiction at that. 74) In short, like any other sentimental and betrayed car owners, the Fitzgeralds realize that their auto and its appendages are individuals, eccentric personalities, members of the group who must be pampered, healed, reassured, and nagged.For my point of vantage was the dividing line between the two generations, and there When Fitzgerald drove the Rolling Junk to Alabama, he was a wild-living, twenty-three-year-old bridegroom, newly rich with the success of his first novel and famous as the spokesman and embodiment of the new Jazz Age.Two years later, when he wrote about the trip, he was an established author, a father, a man more conscious of the cares caused by being carefree.Like Daisy and Jordan in The Great Gatsby, Gloria is a dangerous driver.

They had been living in New York hotels and wanted to travel a bit and look for a suitable house in the vicinity of New York. Later in May, they rented a house in Westport, Connecticut, the “launching site” for the Rolling Junk trip.In his retrospective 1937 essay, “Early Success,” Fitzgerald described his concept of his artistic role at the beginning of his career: America was going on the greatest, gaudiest spree in history and there was going to be plenty to tell about it.The whole golden boom was in the air—its splendid generosities, its outrageous corruptions and the tortuous death struggle of the old America in prohibition.My intention is to examine the ways in which Fitzgerald mingles the details of the adventure with the emotions of the couple as they travel back to Zelda’s home, revisiting places of their own earlier pleasures and yearnings, experiencing the impact of the battlefields of the Civil War and the atmosphere of the South, and, at the same time, to investigate how Fitzgerald has altered and embroidered the facts of his real journey to suit the purposes of his narrative.Zelda Fitzgerald’s longing for a breakfast of real peaches and real biscuits begins the story on a whimsical note, but as the travellers finally reach the outskirts of Montgomery, Zelda’s excitement is complicated by the mixed feelings of returning home: “Suddenly Zelda was crying, crying because things were the same and yet were not the same.

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