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In his retrospective 1937 essay, “Early Success,” Fitzgerald described his concept of his artistic role at the beginning of his career: America was going on the greatest, gaudiest spree in history and there was going to be plenty to tell about it.

Two years later, when he wrote about the trip, he was an established author, a father, a man more conscious of the cares caused by being carefree.It was for her faithlessness that she wept and for the faithlessness of time” (Part Three, p. The lighthearted travel story has expanded to include a sensitive glimpse of a character’s feelings.Throughout the series, humorous episodes and underlying seriousness are delicately blended.Other tires are named in hope of physical endurance (“Sampson” and “Hercules”), another is christened “Santa Claus” for unknown reasons, and the chronically ailing spare tire is, appropriately, “Lazarus.” Like the car as a whole, its individual parts become characters in the articles. When the battery falls out several miles short of the destination, the car gallantly continues in spite of the loss.Another “character” populating “The Rolling Junk” is the touring map book Dr. The Fitzgeralds begin their journey armed only with “a four-inch map of the United States torn from the circular of the ’More Power Grain and Seed Co.’ “ (Part One, p. The catalogue scrap is soon discarded, but its replacement, Dr.

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