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Gigi learned that Rex had moved in with Stacy in order to protect Stacy from Mitch's diabolical clutches. Kim wrangled an invitation to move into the Buchanan mansion. Bo and Nora took Shane and Bree to Texas for safekeeping until Mitch was no longer a threat to the children. Jessica was horrified when Mitch explained that he wanted Jessica to raise Stacy's child as her own.Mitch proposed arranging a fatal accident for Cole in exchange for Todd's help. Jessica realized that Mitch didn't intend for her to return home to Bree.Stacy told Mitch the truth about her baby's paternity. Stacy went into labor while trekking for help in the snow.Rex and Oliver found Schuyler's abandoned car on Llantano Mountain.

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Dorian was thrilled to discover that David was in town, but David made it clear that he did not appreciate Dorian firing his father from his job.Schuyler changed his mind about helping Stacy to induce labor. Gigi confessed to Rex that she had moved on with Schuyler.Rex was hurt when Gigi admitted that she was in love with Schuyler.David was appalled to discover an Internet video Ford had produced that featured characters named Tuc and Brittany who looked exactly like David and Langston, and he hired Elijah to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ford. Bo, Brody, and John joined forces against Mitch and Dorian.John realized that Mitch had threatened Dorian's family. Kyle discovered that Rex was not the father of Stacy's baby.

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