Dating true hermaphrodites

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The Hermaphrodite is an incomplete novel by Julia Ward Howe about an intersex individual raised as a male in the United States in the first half of the nineteenth century, who in adulthood lives sometimes as a female and sometimes as a male.Its date of composition is uncertain, but estimated to be between 18.

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It is not, understand me, a moral and fashionable work, destined to be published in three volumes, but the history of a strange being, written as truly as I know how to write it. Grant described the experience as frustrating "because it was going to take hours of precious research time to try to make sense of this wandering document when I had so little babysitting time available in which to work." The manuscript lacks a title page and there is no record of the title Howe intended for her novel. Gary Williams, a professor at the University of Idaho, read the text at Harvard in 1995.In that tale, the title character at first struggles to understand his attraction to a young man named Laurence, and Laurence is eventually discovered to be biologically female.Yet my pen has been unusually busy during the last year ...Whether it will ever be published I cannot tell, but I should like to have had you read it, and to talk with you about it. He hypothesizes that it was probably written between 18.The manuscript, which he also calls the "Laurence manuscript", is a series of fragments and is missing large passages.

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