Dating tips from national online dating survey

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Following modern dating rules will make you feel discouraged and confused.If you’re sick and tired of getting dismal results in your love life, stop following old dating advice that lacks substance and modern dating rules that are confusing.Instead, follow real world dating advice, like these 12 nuggets of wisdom, and meet more of the right men and make meaningful connections.Dating Advice #1: Stop dating for a while If you are no longer enjoying the dating process, don’t force yourself to date.If you have a hard time being vulnerable and want a man who communicates openly, you will want to become more vulnerable.

When you stick to your strategy, you won’t be as tempted to hang out with good-looking bad boys, and you won’t get sidetracked by the wrong relationships.Dating Advice #2: Control your dating destiny Getting dismal results tends to occur when you let your dating life happen to you.Instead of letting dating control you, do what’s within your control.Dating Advice #5: Don’t be yourself If being yourself hasn’t gotten you asked out on subsequent dates or captured a man’s heart, act like a person you want to attract.For instance, if you have a hard time trusting men yet want a man who is trustworthy, work on your issues with trust.

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