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So a girl who can gut a fish, make a fire or pitch a tent will probably be pretty independent.

Another reason why dating an outdoor girl is a good idea.

Laurence Olivier and Marlon Brando may seem to be at opposite sides of the acting spectrum, but taking pointers from both can lead to a three-dimensional performance. How to Find an Acting Class in NYC New York is a big city with a ton to offer, and acting classes here are no different.

If you don’t come prepared, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options, so the key is to come up with a game plan and stay focused. Read on for Backstage’s guide to finding acting classes in the city that never sleeps.

Im like the queen of clutter – but that’s totally ok when you have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place! I recently moved and found a huge box of holiday lights that I almost threw out, until I thought about all the magical things I could transform with them!

That’s why I’ve compiled my favorite DIY wall organizers that practically ANYONE can create (and they look bad ass too! Here are my top 10 ideas on how to upcycle those twinkly babies into something you can cherish all year long! These things can be your worst enemy or your best friend – depending on how you use them. Listen, as a single lady, I have spent more than enough time in a bachelors bedroom… But there’s one thing I just don’t get: how can proudly hang a Scarface or Bob Marley poster on the wall and call it design? And as far as patriotism is concerned, more is more.

Well, I’ve compiled my favorite ways to incorporate them into your backyard — the designer way! That’s why I’ve arranged some of my favorite images of masculine spaces that will take your boring old bedroom to a bachelor pad fit for two! Whether it’s your native country or just a flag from a land you love, get an instant bohemian world traveler vibe at home by working in an oversized flag on the wall.

Here are ten good reasons why sportsmen should consider dating an outdoor lady. there is a good chance that a girl who likes to spend time outdoors is pretty low maintenance.

And that can make relationships easier because she won’t be complaining all the time.

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