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Teal & Yellow Paint is the most powerful – and budget-friendly – element of any room.

I’ve discovered that there are quite a few easy and cheap ways to organize and store your belongings with things you probably already have laying around the house or in the recycle bin!

”An outdoor gal can have fun doing just about anything because she is low maintenance and tough.

What makes her the most fun, though, is that she likes doing the same things you do when you are outdoors.

If you don’t come prepared, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options, so the key is to come up with a game plan and stay focused. Read on for Backstage’s guide to finding acting classes in the city that never sleeps.Dax Shepard Goes from Midtown to the Midwest in “Bless This Mess” More Pilot Casting A couple of newlyweds call it quits on the Big Apple while “Abby’s” says cheers to its unlicensed friends.Find out who’s casting what with this week’s edition of What’s Casting.Check out these cool pallet garden ideas, and save tons of money on all that expensive garden decor! When it comes to your home, I’m all about adding color and creativity in unexpected places. Here are 15 inspiring ideas for decorating your stairs, from song lyrics to florals to our old friend chevron.

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