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A major trade route connecting the Mediterranean with the African world existed along the Ahaggar-Tibesti ridge in the central Sahara, and it is probable that communications existed across the western Sahara also.Nevertheless, the Sahara always constituted a formidable barrier to the movement of technology and peoples.Its diffusion over the region appears to have taken place during one of the periods of desiccation, and the carriers of the tradition were clearly adept desert hunters.The few associated human remains are Neanderthal, with substantial differences between those found in the west and those in Cyrenaica.Since antiquity the desert has been the dominant factor in the North African environment, though the region has not always been as dry as it is today.At various times during the past million years there have been periods of abundant precipitation, the last occurring about the 6th millennium at the beginning of the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age).North Africa, region of Africa comprising the modern countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.The geographic entity North Africa has no single accepted definition.

The Mediterranean coast—separated from Europe by only 8 miles (13 km) at the Strait of Gibraltar—is extremely inhospitable for much of its length, offering few natural harbours and still fewer natural lines of communication into the interior.

For discussions of the physical and human geography of individual countries in the region and of their history beginning in the 19th century, Aterian for the type site Biʾr al-ʿAtir in Tunisia; assemblages of Aterian material occur throughout the Maghrib and the Sahara.

Radiocarbon testing from Morocco indicates a date of about 30,000 years ago for early Aterian industry.

As a result, Europeans have often called North Africa the Barbary States or simply Barbary.

(A frequent usage refers to the non-Phoenician and non-Roman inhabitants of classical times, and their language, as Berber.

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