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A rope 52.5 meters long would have to be very thick, and the knots for its subdivision would have been so bulky that it could not have been used for accurate work.

One might think, however, of different means of marking, such as the loops suggested by Reisner, fixed at a spot marked with red paint.

By a practical test, Dorner also found that the length of a rope could be influenced by humidity, so the measuring tapes had to be treated with fat.

Another interesting result of Dorner's calculations is that the famous base length of the pyramid of Cheops could have been achieved most accurately by using cubit rods 4 or 8 cubits long.

Another, more unusual cubit rod of "white wood" in the British Museum is 2 cubits long (1.0489 meters or 2 x 0.52445) and shows that Egyptian architects had longer tools as well.

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Builders' Squares Egyptian builders and masons made use of the simple wooden device, the square, in order to lay off or check right angles, in building as well as dressing blocks.Lepsius collected information about fourteen more or less complete cubits.Most of these examples were not actually used as tools, but as votives, or were made for the funerary equipment and therefore made of hard stone.One was gilded and inscribed—apparently not made for daily use but as an honorary royal gift to the esteemed architect.The other one of plain wood, could be folded in two parts by hinges and was probably used by its owner for actual work.

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