Dating in varanasi

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There are many hotels with roof terraces – either with a restaurant, or a private balcony adjoining the room.We suggest to have lunch at one of these places to see Varanasi from above.It’s an impressive sight to see (& fell) trains cross as you stand on the riverbank.Eventually a boatman will come along and row you back upstream.The police forces are relentless, worshippers have to line up and obey all the rules that are enforced on such festival occasions.Police will not hesitate to use their bamboo sticks to keep things in order.

A compass or Google Maps is a good choice not to lose direction.

It’s a security measurement to keep such big hordes under control.

Try to get somewhere on top so that you can watch the crowds from above.

If you insist enough though, even a local barber will give you a nice wash and blow dry … Plus it’s quite relaxing when you’re out all day in a crowded city like Varanasi. But when traveling though India for a couple of weeks in a row, cravings for a delicious cake or western-style food (that actually tastes like it should) arise.

and if you’re really lucky (and you’re up for it) even a haircut. At the Brown Bread Bakery, all your hard effort will be rewarded.

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