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He didn’t expect her to be controlled into becoming a cuckquean, and to start finding sexual partners for him.Amanda Van Clythe is rich, privileged, snooty, and a real bitch. Shelley likes to be in charge, to know what’s going on in her life and in her household.Even after she was freed from her Masters, Deborah has been hiding in plain sight in a world of predatory mind controllers.Siobhan has a desperate plan, for which she needs a captured ‘bot.

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But his latest enemy may be more than he bargained for.Can Brandon give Lucy what she needs while getting what he hopelessly desires?Louise, a young suffragette, has been forcibly engaged to the odious chauvinist Mr Leashem.Can Hunter protect those he cares about and take out this threat while struggling against inner demons of his own making?When Cindy’s changed behavior leads to a violent confrontation between her and her football-jock boyfriend Biff, Marvin takes action.

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