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The region witnessed the rise of various kingdoms such as those of the Asante and Fante (Ewe and Ga), before contact with Portugal and then Britain opened it up to trade and colonisation.

Ghana Ghana is a West African state which opens out onto the South Atlantic Ocean.This was at its height in the last part of the first millennium AD, but much of its detail was not recorded, at least not in any form that has survived for modern scholars. 'Ghana' simply means 'king', but this has come to be the term by which this nation is generally referred.The empire of Ghana was located in what is now south-eastern Mauritania, western Mali, and eastern Senegal, and it emerged following incursions by Berber tribes which caused the collapse of the previous social organisation. Old Ghana controlled the Mandinka tribes of Mali, including the kingdom of Kangaba.Several other single Christian Ghanaians do not bother to look for a spouse, but strongly believe God will bring the special person to them.Some other single Christian’s are feverishly engaging in all forms of activities and events which will help them find partners.

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