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Another theory (dating from 1879) is that bodger was a corruption of badger, as similarly to the behaviour of a badger, the bodger dwelt in the woods and seldom emerged until evenings.

Other theories about its origin include the German word Böttcher (cooper, a trade that uses similar tools), and similar Scandinavian words, such the Danish name Bødker.

The completed chair legs were sold to furniture factories to be married with other chair parts made in the workshop.

A bodger commonly camped in the open woods in a "bodger's hovel" or basic "lean-to"-type shelter constructed of forest-floor lengths suitable for use as poles lashed, likely with twine, together to form a simple triangular frame for a waterproof thatch roof.

Most important to the bodger was which company did his competitors supply and at what price.Of the other craftsmen involved in the construction of a Windsor chair, one was the benchman who worked in a small town or village workshop and would produce the seats, backsplats and other sawn parts. The framer would take the components produced by the bodger and the benchman and would assemble and finish the chair.In the early years of the 20th century, there were about 30 chair bodgers scattered within the vicinity of the High Wycombe furniture trade.'But they refused to take it back, so he took it all out and threw it into storage.He then spent a fortune on a new set of furniture.''Kanye spends so much money and he’s holding everything up,' the source said.

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